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Originally from Bournemouth/UK, Abi Fantastic came to Barcelona with a one-way ticket to help with an art project for Nowhere festival. She decided to

Karina Gratze was born near Köln and graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design, Illustration and Communication in Germany in 2012. She then answered

Vamos a cenar con Atresbandes, que presentan su nueva performance L'Últim Sopar en la Sala Hiroshima del 20 al 23 de diciembre y del

Like a volcano rising from the city’s most vibrantly creative terrain, drawing its energy from the deepest core of passion and allurement, exploding with

Ok Arteria Gallery, you have officially nailed it as one of the coolest cultural melting casserolas in Barcelona. Maybe we should keep quiet about

From 29th November - 10th December, Jocular Theatre Company brings Robert Askins 'Hand to God to Gracia’s Almeria Theatre.   Speaking with Jocular director Joshua Zamrycki,

Art Lover Ground is a collective contemporary art exhibition featuring a host of art and creative practices, from illustration, photography, sculpture and graphic design,

It has been three years since I stretched my party legs in Barcelona, so it was an immense pleasure to arrive last Saturday to

  Se dice que el apocalipsis es inminente, pero qué matices va tener? The Glowing End de Javi Corellano ofrece una visión aguda y perceptiva

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