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A veces alguien te cae bien desde el primer momento. Olga Ausejo es una de estás personas. La semana pasada tuve oportunidad de visitarla

El Minifestival de Música Independiente vuelve sábado 17 febrero con un fuerte cartel para su 23e edición, y un mini-concierto con Marta Knight y

Before a funk gig, you can dig a vibe that it is going to be a banging evening. When there is a large turnout

FordeeTV is a new, original, lifestyle and entertainment content production brand. Founded by its namesake, Fordee. It has deep roots in audio and visual

The birthplace of brunch in Barcelona is a prestigious badge to carry, but this a title that Milk, and its sister restaurants can proudly

We could debate the merits and disadvantages of judging an establishment by its Facebook description but the Cat Bar’s ‘About’ section gives a succinct