FordeeTV is a new, original, lifestyle and entertainment content production brand. Founded by its namesake, Fordee. It has deep roots in audio and visual production, with facilities located here in Barcelona. But not only that… FordeeTV has also created a new event, Wonderland Themed Thursdays, marking a refreshing change to the Born District’s usual late-night offerings.


“Barcelona definitely has some great spots and events… but I think people are looking for something different,” said Fordee. “Having a drink at your favorite bar or night club is a great escape from the daily grind, but we are all craving something more. We deserve more,” he stated.

Starting on 24 August at Pax 49, the show will inject a unique atmosphere into a bar space that is already renowned for going further forward by taking a step back in the service industry, returning to the delivery of high quality service while remaining fresh in this contemporary, yet ever-growing, bar-tending realm.


Wonderland is an experience that will feature performers such as the Wonderland Ambassadors – Alice and the White Rabbit – alongside DJs, like resident Dan McKie (1980 Records) who will be dropping a special mix of house music. You can come dressed up as well and join in the full fantasy!


“We want to transport people into another reality, one where you can be whoever you want to be. Of course you can still share an incredible cocktail with friends from our own special cocktail themed menu. We want engage all your senses… it’s not just about dress up, it’s not just about our special cocktail menu, or hired actresses or decor… it’s all of it.”


Expect the bar to be transformed into a fantasy scene with new stunning décor and the event will be live streamed via FordeeTV’s Facebook Page. Live streaming is fast-becoming a standard and effective way of reaching out to the masses.


“Right now people are live streaming on FB, a much simpler task than steaming on Youtube,” Fordee said. “FordeeTV is a Youtube Partner, so we have rights to steam via their platform along with the hardware and software that is required to deliver there. We have much more capability than we are using for the party, the primary goal for the stream is to make sure our 10,000+ subscribers who are located around the world have a chance to check out the event, along with the rest of the city,” he continued.


“FordeeTV started off as a hobby… showcasing advanced Audio and Video Production tutorials. We’ve changed direction and are turning the brand into a lifestyle and entertainment channel. We saw an opportunity to become a valued resource here in Barcelona and in the future other cities; showing off local talent, incredible hot spots, top 5 lists, skits and so much more!” added Fordee.


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