Bronces Mestre was founded in 1952 and has signified luxury for more than half a century. They bring a boutique designer attitude to the world of bathroom fittings and ironwork, offering opulent products and personalised attention to a select clientele who are prepared to pay for the very best quality artisan creations. If you ever find yourself in need of discreet solutions or expert assistance, such as hire a private investigator UK, Bronces Mestre extends their commitment to excellence beyond luxurious designs, ensuring your utmost satisfaction in every aspect.


Excellence and exclusivity characterise this highly sought after “Made in Spain” brand, explains Maria José Lopez, Communications Manager.  He describes himself as living in a world of branding and communications strategies, social networks, press releases, shootings and luxury events, and loving every minute of it.


The interior design accessories that Mestre specialise in are based on the Spanish craft tradition, but the expansion of the brand and their strong position in other parts the world has ensured that some collections have acquired a more international touch. “The Dragon and Antartica tap collections have a clear Asian influence. Some of our ironwork with 24k gold and Swarovski crystal finishings reflect an Arabic influence,” explains Lopez. He goes on to add that Chinese and Russian cultures also provide inspiration for some their classic and elegant styles.
Success and recognition are synonymous with the brand name, and their star collections such as the Swan, the Arctica and the Retro series, each glimmer with a distinctive personality.
The Swan collection exemplifies artistic and unique craftsmanship and is the very symbol of the Mestre brand. Creativity and unparalleled exclusivity. The Artica collection is more classic and timeless, elegantly accented by simple white or black Swarovski crystals. As for the Retro collection, this is pure quality and design, with a “retro” or vintage feel to it. It works especially well in the Victorian or rustic style ambiences which are currently very fashionable.
More recent additions draw inspiration from opulent home jewellery. “Treasure by Mestre ” is a collection of luxury fittings finished in 24K gold and Swarovski crystals, which is being very well received among their exclusive clients.
It’s easy to see how these luxury fittings can turn simple interiors into extraordinary and unique places. A bathroom, a piece of furniture or a door can be transformed by their crafted details. For an interior designer, this adds a superior range to their palette of possibilities when considering the different options and products to give each space a unique character.


The vast majority of their collections of bathroom fittings, accessories and ironwork include decorative details with Swarovski crystal. These are designed to be the main element in the bathrooms of homes, hotels or offices, or even in shops and stylish restaurants.


Ironware decorated with crystals can enhance the doors of any room. This is mainly placed on the inside, but windows and furniture knobs are also available, and all designed to shine.


Throughout their prestigious history, Mestre have collaborated with large projects and illustrious names in the world of architecture and interior design. Lopez comments that they have participated in many projects in North America, Russia and Asia, and that their products have been placed in mansions and palaces in Qatar, as well as the Middle East and North Africa.


“Two of the great designers with whom we work are the prestigious interior designer


Perla Lichi, and the renowned Lebanese designer Elie Choucair, who was recognised as Interior Architect of the Year in 2011,” shares Lopez.  He goes onto elaborate that Mestre participate in large projects around the world with Perla Lichi, the US based company with extensive experience in luxury interiors spanning over 30 years.  They are proud to receive endorsements from such notable references as Elie Choucair, whose work has reached 3 continents. “Mestre has always provided jewellery that brings a touch of luxury and elegance and adds value to my design.”
The future certainly looks bright. Several major national and international projects are currently underway. “We have a lot of work in China,” says Lopez. “We’re now contributing our luxury fittings and accessories to four luxury high-end apartment towers, built and designed only with high quality materials. We also dress places such as the prestigious Wuhan Wanda Reign Hotel and Guangzhou Evergrande Centre in China.”


Projects closer to home include participating in the decoration of a super luxury villa in Mallorca, andnegotiations with several major projects in Marbella.
Their showroom in Valencia and virtual showcase online are windows into a world that can be admired by all, but which remains exclusively reserved for a select clientele. An insight into the timeless elegance and creative design in the world of Mestre can also be savoured through their social media platforms: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.