Ideas are like dandelion seeds…  thousands of etheric parachutes lifted by the wind on a sultry autumn afternoon. Only a few are absorbed into fertile soil, their coded impulse for expression nourished by the damp earth until a tender shoot pushes into the sunlight. Karol Bergeret, a Barcelona born artist of Uruguayan parents, has caught one of these seeds and guided it to blossom through her art. Karol invites us into the colourful garden of her imagination.


Karol Bergeret_ Lavandera

 “Saint housewives, a species in extinction”


What can people expect, and what’s the theme about?


This exhibition presents five illuminated sculptures made on ironing boards. These are the Gardener, the Waitress, the Washer, the Provider and the Gossip. They belong to the exhibition “Saint housewives, a species in extinction”, which has more than thirty pieces that pay tribute to women and their work, with an ironic nod towards the evolution of our society.


 Who was the first character that you created… and who was the most recent?


The first “Santukis” were created in 2006: the Seamstress, the Electrodomestic and the Nurse. The last one, the Gardener, was presented as part of the St Jordi celebrations in April this year, at the florist El Parquet in Vilafranca de Penedès. It was accompanied by the Florero Princesses, miniatures which can also be used as flower vases.


Karol Bergeret_FlowersWhich materials you use in your work and why?


I work with materials that I find, recover and inherit. They come together on my canvas, an ironing board, and their daily use is relinquished as they take on a new life to transmit a story. I also use this formula with the design of lamps, furniture and spaces.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of exhibiting in a bar/restaurant?


In this case, at El Dinàmic de Bcn, I’ve only experienced advantages! It is a very pleasant space in an area of ​​town that has become quite lively lately. My works breathe, their halos of light are highlighted by the stone walls, and the owners are charming and creative.


 If the week had an extra day, what would you do?


Enjoy it, like the rest of the week. Walking, reading, creating and seeing my friends,  if I have free time. Or working, if I have to. That’s what being your own boss is like.


Karol Bergeret camarera


What is your “Workshop of Ideas?”


It has been my creative space for the last 10
years. As the motto says, it’s “a place where ideas become reality.”


Any must-see spots for us to check out this season in Barcelona?


I definitely recommend the restaurant Copasetic for its delicious menu of gluten-free Greek dishes and pleasant ambience. (Carrer de la Diputació, 55.) And Hiroshima, a venue whose commitment to theatre and contemporary dance is worthy of a big applause.  (Carrer de Vila i Vilà, 67)



The exhibition Santas Amas de Casa runs until until 8th November at Dinàmic Bcn.