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King and tree4

Kate Curtis’s new bilingual book tells a simple and powerful story with full page colour illustrations. The second edition is currently being crowdfunded -

barcelona after the flood

  Se dice que el apocalipsis es inminente, pero qué matices va tener? The Glowing End de Javi Corellano ofrece una visión aguda y perceptiva

Eran cuatro socios los que inauguraron el Sidecar Factory Club en 1982, en la Plaça Reial. De los originales queda Robert Tierz, un scorpión

Hunter's moon_ Chelsea Davine

Artist and local resident Chelsea Davine was cycling around the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood when she spotted the recently inaugurated Kaoni Gallery.  Originally from London,

Miss Q Pia Nielsen

You might already have encountered the eclectic Miss Q, alter ego of Danish singer and performer Pia Nielsen who has been living in Barcelona

Banana Yoshimoto

[caption id="attachment_9" align="alignleft" width="550"] Banana Yoshimoto (c) Fumiya Sawa[/caption] The Salon del Manga has an extensive programme which reaches beyond the comics, cosplay and characters


Sala Hiroshima continues to steadily carve a niche as Barcelona’s most exciting venue for the performing arts and contemporary creation. Its second summer has

Come taste the wine, come hear the band ! The eclectic Catalan artist, poet and performer Kiku Mistu presents an innovative new project at


This powerful performance fuses dance, film, music and lighting around collective catharsis through live music events and their central character, called “Introducing the Star.”

A poetic action goes beyond the moment itself and touches on a deeper level of reality. Fleeting, barely perceptible, it can be confusing territory,