The world of cocktails and premium liquors recently reached a new plateau with this innovative newcomer. Pearls Molecular Experience is a fusion of luxury, exclusivity and exquisite flavour; truly an experience to be savoured in the moment and remembered forever. Small spherical pearls filled with especially selected premium liquor combinations are enclosed within a membrane that explodes in your mouth to release their extraordinary nectar. Raul Roque, CEO of Pearls Molecular Experience shares some insights.


What was the most complex part of transforming the Pearls Molecular concept from an idea into a finished product?


We’ve overcome our share of challenges along the way! From the point of view of innovation, the biggest challenge was getting the gelatine membrane, the shell for the drinks, just right. We developed our own unique formula and it works perfectly.  The membrane needed to be delicate yet firm to the touch, breaking with light pressure from the tongue, and of course made from all natural ingredients.


What’s inside the Pearls?


Arriving at the 5 flavours of the Pearls Molecular Experience was also a process which involved plenty of experimentation over nearly 3 years. We only use the highest quality distillations mixed with pure ingredients such as raspberry syrup made from fresh organic raspberries.


How would you describe the Pearls Molecular experience?


It’s a journey through different flavours, choreographed by the particular order in which the Pearls are served. As you can see, artistic presentation is an important part of the experience, which is visual as well as gourmet. The portable bar areas are exquisitely designed and individual Pearls are presented on special serving spoons. The first Pearl is easy on the palate, vodka with raspberry syrup. It’s sweet and for most people it’s a familiar flavour which eases them into the journey. We then offer a rose flavoured vodka, a more sophisticated taste which releases a strong floral sensation in the palate and immediately conveys that this is something different!


The next sensation is dry, a gin tonic made with a natural gin that retains its essence of juniper. Our barista adds a little surprise – a touch of magic – a droplet of cardamom which has a super intense flavour. The Pearl membrane absorbs the cardamom and when it explodes on your tongue all the flavours rush out.  Yes, we want to surprise you! Continuing with the gin tonic theme, we offer a second Pearl, but this time with a spicy droplet on top. Wow, what was that?!


The journey continues with a premium rum. Our first Pearl of rum is mixed with passion fruit and mango. It’s another easy flavour, tropical and sweet. And we close with an even more exotic rum cocktail with vanilla infusion and coconut. This one is also sweet and its distinctive flavour is particularly long lasting on the palate.

But this is just a description. Like any experience you need to try it for yourself!


How do we get to have a Pearls experience?!


There are currently several ways in which our Pearls are getting out there. We are invited as part of the corporate entertainment at high standing events, or to add a touch of “wow” to private parties. Some of the top 5 Star GL hotels now offer a Pearl instead of a welcome cocktail to their distinguished guests. A retail box with 12 of each Pearls, the additional flavourings, special spoons and barista guide is available, ideal for people who wish to serve a unique experience to their guests (180e). It’s also an innovative vehicle for branding. We use our experience and technology to create a unique Pearl for companies, expressing their brand identity through the chosen liquor and flavouring. This could be sweet, sophisticated, playful, young, strong…


What have you enjoyed most about working on the Pearls project?
I feel that we’re truly offering an experience and not a product, which is always exciting. We’re getting to meet a lot of interesting people through these events. I especially enjoyed working on a brand launch event with Revlon in Lisbon, for which we prepared 1800 Pearls for 3000 people. We made a bespoke mojito using their brand colours and personality. Working with very famous people at private parties and official events has been a real eye-opener, I’ve realised that a lot of them are actually quite simple and down-to-earth.


If you could summarise the ultimate objective of the Pearls Molecular experience, what would it be?
Adding value to any event. A pleasant and surprising experience like this is a catalyst for conversation amongst participants; their own creativity is awakened through the experience of our creativity. We want to help our clients to stand out by offering a unique and top-quality sensory and artistic experience.


What does the future hold for the Pearl Molecular Experience?
We’re rapidly expanding internationally with events and sales in France and the USA. However, we have no desire to be available everywhere. Exclusivity requires a certain degree of scarcity, and we’re very careful about the companies and brands we work with. As a brand that reaches for the highest standards of excellence we are looking to find our niche within this environment, in all corners of the world.