Pablo Molinero and David Climent’s “bastard theatre” has been eating boundaries for breakfast since the innovative performance artists pair first started working together 13 years ago. Physical theatre, experimental techniques and representations all are explored through outlandish narrative, choreographed movement and original music, and their shows always pack a powerful punch to the navel of convention.


Los Corderos2

…and if improbability directs our life?

Music is an important part of Los Corderos’ expressive palette, and is fully integrated into “The Band at the end of the Universe.” Every single thing has a sound, from a bed to a table or a ballet dancer, and the actors have trained their sensitivity to notice the vibrations of everyday life, which allows them to include this subtle dimension in their performances. This show pushes the boundaries of sound and music, with a collaboration by Danish singer Pia Nielsen. Rhythm, melody, instruments, lyrics… this unique 3 piece band adds more than a touch of theatre.


Improbabilities and possibilities provide a fertile ground for exploration.  What if our world is watched by aliens? What would they make of it ? These cosmic observers give planet Earth a good poke. Irony and criticism are served up with compassion and humor with the rock guitar, drumming and Nielsen’s beautiful voice.



Los Corderos1

“…the improbability of happiness, love, existence…”

David explains that Los Corderos don’t want to confuse anyone. It’s the world that’s confusing and they just face it and convey their reactions in an organic way. “People are chaotic. People are animals. And often not very rational ones. We aren’t always able to find answers to why we do something.  Theatre often portrays people as a story, but there’s a lot we don’t understand about ourselves and others.”


Chaos is inside their poetry, and this poetry is captured by music – which reaches as far beyond words, as the uses the language of the body and the senses with a depth of movements and expressions on the stage.


As any revolutionary is aware, it’s always the hybrid, marginal bastards that skulk around the edges of the paradigm who create the most original ideas. Los Corderos are here and ready to rock your world.



“The Band at the End of the Universe,”
Sala Hiroshima, C/ Vila y Vilà 67

4th-7th and 11th-14th February.
Tickets 13€.